The team from Foxtel’s Selling Houses Australia doesn’t get to Perth super often, so we thought we’d give you the heads up about this week’s show.

On Wednesday night, a property in Parkerville is getting the full treatment.

“It’s a beautiful spot, it’s bushland, it’s romantic…” interior designer Shaynna Blaze told Botica’s Bunch.

“Except the house.”

The house had its shortcomings, including no view of the bush, a wobbly verandah and, get this: no downstairs bathroom where the bedrooms are.

“And upstairs, the toilet comes straight off the lounge room,” Blaze said.

Lisa was appalled asking what people are thinking when they design these houses to begin with.


“How do you build a house that doesn’t have a bathroom downstairs near the bedrooms?”

Blaze was pretty matter of fact, saying “he was a guy who just thought he could build a house.”

The Bunch also touched on what kind of DIY projects we should try and tackle while we’re spending so much more time at home at the moment as well as, as an interior designer, is she getting sick of her own home?

Short answer, yes.

Fun fact – Shaynna admitted that she’s only just started watching Downton Abbey.

“Can I just tell you, the wit in that show, the sass,” she remarked. “I didn’t realise how great it was!”


Hit PLAY below to listen in!

Selling Houses Australia, Lifestyle Channel, April 22, 6.30pm