Guys, we don’t want to alarm you, but Pretty Woman is 28 years old. 

But instead of setting this story on fire, we found a few things we didn’t know about the movie.

1. Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, Madonna, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore all reportedly considered the lead role of Vivian. And thank the LAWD. We couldn’t imagine anyone other than Julia Roberts, who was only 21 when she got the gig. 

2. That famous Pretty Woman poster is actually Julia Roberts’s head superimposed onto her body double’s (Shelley Michelle) body.

3. Pretty Woman is actually a Disney movie. Yep. The “Cinder-f**kin’-rella” reference takes on new meaning now.

4. It was originally going to be called $3000, after the amount of money Edward and Vivian agree on, but execs thought it sounded like a science fiction flick.


5. The original script was dark AF with Vivian being addicted to drugs. Her staying off cocaine for a week would have been part of the deal and the film would have ended with Edward throwing Vivian out of the car and Vivian getting on a bus to Disneyland with the $3000 she earned. 

6. Edward snapping the necklace case down on Vivian’s fingers was totally improvised and Roberts’ surprised laugh was genuine. It’s now probs the most iconic moment of the entire movie. 

7. Speaking of that necklace, it was $250,000 and came with its own armed guard. 

8. Speaking again of that scene, the red dress Viv wears to the opera was almost a less-impressive black. Producers wanted black but costume designer Marilyn Vance knew it had to be red. After a bunch of test shots, common sense prevailed and history was made. It’s actually been listed among the most unforgettable dresses of all time.


9. Oh, and the opera they saw? That was La Traviata, which is about a prostitute who falls in love with a wealthy man.

10. OK, so you know how you just can’t imagine anyone other than Roberts to play Viv, imagine the character of Edward being played by John Travolta. Or Sylvester Stallone. Or Christopher Reeve, Denzel Washington or Daniel Day-Lewis? Nah? Me either. But they were all considered. 

11. Richard Gere basically thought his character was dull as, describing the part as simply “a suit”. 

12. When asked about the film glorifying prostitution, Julia told The Guardian: “What are you going to do? You can’t please everybody. That movie was a fairytale. We did everything but put a glass slipper on. And I’ll tell you something else: for $3,000 a weekend, Richard Gere got a bargain.”

13. Remember the scene where Edward played the piano? Not only was Richard Gere playing that piano for real, he actually composed the piece he played. WTF. 



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