Fyre Festival merch will soon be up for auction!

That’s right, Billy McFarland’s failed music festival’s merchandise will soon be available for purchase. Now, before you ask, “Who would buy that?” take into consideration that the proceeds from the auction will go to the people Billy cheated, Vulture reports.

“We have an assortment of the ‘real thing’ Fyre Festival-branded tee-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats, wristbands and medallions,” a spokesman for the United States Marshals Service’s Manhattan office said in an email. “We know that there is tremendous interest in these items in the NY metro area in particular.” The statement also made it clear that mega-scammer Billy, who is currently serving a six-year sentence for orchestrating the scam, will not receive a penny.

While the date for the auction has not been set, it will reportedly be online, making it accessible to Fyre Fest fans worldwide.


After the merch is sold, the government will “eventually” distribute money from the sale back to vetted victims who come forward, Vulture reports. “Our objective always is to get the funds back to the victims as fast as we can in cases where there are victims,” U.S. Marshals explained.

And since proceeds from the items sold will not cover everything Billy owes the victims — he reportedly owes $26 million to both investors and vendors — they will get a percentage “based on their respective losses,” according to prosecutors.


Article: Lauren Crawford

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