A heroic Aussie woman has saved a truckie’s life with an act of bravery. 

Lara Dent saw the massive truck loaded with soil start to burst into flames after it crashed on Bulli Pass, Thirroul – just south of Sydney. 

The local resident was in her home when it happened but rushed outside when she saw debris flying down the road, just before 4pm yesterday.

“The driver was grunting, as if he was in heaps of pain. He crawled out, there was electrical wires everywhere,” she told 9News.

“I thought, ‘I don’t want to go over there, but someone’s life is in danger’.

“I just pulled him and he laid there and I said, ‘Mate we’ve got to go, the truck’s on fire, it’s going to explode any minute’.

“I just picked him up and took him over here, and as soon as we got here it exploded.”


Emergency services were able to extinguish the truck and a major clean-up operation was undertaken to clear the road. 

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