Former Hey Hey It’s Saturday star John Blackman has spoken about his ongoing skin cancer battle to Nine’s A Current Affair.

Blackman, 71, told how he fears that the diagnosis may end his career.

Famous for his voice over work, including hugely popular character Dickie Knee, Blackman has had his jaw removed and reconstructed using bone from his leg after he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer on his face.

Blackman revealed: “It was just a little pimple like a couple of years ago, and like most blokes I picked at it and squeezed it and did all of that, and eventually it grew into this huge BCC (basal cell carcinoma),”


He spoke of how doctors told him to “get prepared to not be able to do all the things you’ve been able to do for the past 50 years”.

“I immediately thought that’s going to be the end of my career,”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t have any other skills except that, the skill I have which is hopefully making people laugh and being a professional entertainer or corporate presenter.”


“To perform you have to look good, you have to sound good, you have to sound confident and be confident, and I just won’t be able to do that anymore.”

Blackman previously had a benign brain tumour removed back in 2008.

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