‘Scrunch-able’ items like cling wrap and even cereal bags are now no longer allowed in household recycle bins.

In a post to Facebook on Friday, the City of Stirling advised ratepayers of the changes, brought in due to overseas recyclers now not accepting certain materials.

You now can’t put stuff like aerosol cans, plastic bags, cling wrap and polystyrene in your yellow bin.

They also say that ‘scrunch-able’ items, like bubble wrap and cereal bags are not acceptable.

They have, however, suggested householders drop off plastic bags and cereal bags at Redcycle bins at major supermarkets and aerosol cans, clean polystyrene, bubble wrap and plastic pots can be taken to the Balcatta Recycling Centre.

96FM has contacted the WA Local Government Association for comment.


And to explain exactly what they mean by ‘scrunch-able’… 

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