It’s fair to say we had an overwhelming response to our news on this website this week that Home And Away’s return had been delayed, and that there was speculation it may not get its 7pm time slot back.

Home And Away fans were aghast.

“Wtf?! This cant happen! 30+ years of being on at 7 starting after the aus open you can’t just change that! Not acceptable” wrote Tiffany Zanetic on Facebook.

And from Tania Primomo: “This is extremely messed up!! Home and Away has ALWAYS been on ch7 at 7… why can’t all the other shows go on either ch72 or 73 or 76 or 74?? This is Absolutely Ridiculous!!”

So, Channel 7 personality Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom went and got the “official line” from his employers and delivered it on air this morning in an attempt to appease worried Summer Bay fans.

He confirmed there’d be no Home And Away until after the cricket, AND that My Kitchen Rules (MKR) would start in that precious 7pm spot but that things wouldn’t stay that way with Home And Away certain to take its 7pm spot back.

“There’s been conspiracies theories around that they’re going to change the time or what’s going to happen with it because of the cricket and MKR,” he started.


“There’s no conspiracy. I am going to make this very simple. I have the official line.

“MKR is back on Monday 28 January and that will be at 7pm – the Home And Away timeslot – but the reason it’s there is because while the cricket (is on) they don’t want to put Home And Away back on, they don’t want to jumble up everything and make it really hard to follow the storylines.

“So MKR at 7pm until cricket season is over, then MKR will go to 7.30pm, (and) Home and Away (will be) back in its traditional 7pm timeslot as soon as the cricket finishes.”

The Big Bash cricket season finishes on 17 February which leaves Home and Away free to return on Monday 18 February.

So it’s still a month until we get any more Chelsea and Colby, and Brody and Ziggy, and Dean, and Justin and Leah… but at least we know things will return to normal, eventually.

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