On this occasion, Will & Woody have taken the saying “make yourself at home” way out of context. And in doing so, they’ve taken their home inspection challenges to the next level, this time attempting to cook an omelette during a home open for a rental property.

There’s no doubt you’re given a certain amount of freedom during a home inspection, and there’s an expectation to act in a manner that respects the owners of the house. But, the boys are not afraid to push the boundaries. In fact, it would appear they have no concept of boundaries altogether. You might remember a few months ago when Woody snuck in a shower during a home inspection, all whilst Will distracted the real estate agent. Well, this time it was Will’s turn. The challenge? Cook an omelette in the kitchen.

It was nerve-racking times as Will cracked eggs, sliced tomatoes, and fired up the stovetop, whilst Woody tried his best to distract the real estate agent by whatever means necessary.

WATCH the video to see how it all went down, and whether Will was successful in his challenge!

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