If you’ve ever wanted to eat like a Royal, well – you probably can.

While on a visit to London, Daniel Martin, makeup artist and friend of Meghan Markle, shared an inspiring photo to Instagram.

We have heard that the Duchess of Sussex is a massive foodie, who loves to prepare food for her loved ones.

You may remember that while visiting us downunder, brought a home baked loaf of banana bread to an engagement at Admiralty House kitchens as a gift.

Martin shared a photo of some delicious looking avocado toast, served alongside some chocolate truffles, because why not?!


Also captured in the photo is a gorgeous teapot and cuppa, because why bother having any meal without tea in England?

The caption reads, “Back to our Tig days. Thank you Meghan for being the consummate hostess this weekend and still being the #avocadotoast whisperer.”

The photo clearly shows Meghan that served her toast with delightfully smashed avocado, that has been seasoned with salt and pepper, and dressed with olive oil!

Before taking it offline, Meghan used to share regular recipes and updates to her lifestyle blog The Tig.

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