How This Guy Broke Up 4,000 Couples In 10 Days

Daniel Sloss’ stand-up routine became all too real v quickly, as over 4,000 couples found out.

The Scot says a portion of his monologue has been the cause of over 4,000 break-ups including a large percentage of marriages.

In his show Jigsaw, Daniel makes it known that he thinks that “soulmates are bullshit”.

“If you are not with someone, you are broken,” he says.

“If you are not with someone, you are incomplete. If you are not with someone, you are not whole.”


“We’ll force this f***ing person into our lives because we’d much rather have something than nothing,” he explains.

The advice has been taken on by people all over the world, who have been dropping Daniel DMs on Insta, explaining the demise of their relationship.

If you dare, Daniel Sloss’ live shows, Jigsaw and Dark, are available on Netflix now.

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