A consumer watchdog report has detailed that Australians are currently paying more for petrol at the bowser than they have in years with tensions in the Middle East, a political crisis in Venezuela and a crude oil cartel agreement allegedly to blame.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Unleaded petrol prices have reached their highest point in almost four years right across the Nation’s capital cities.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are looking at paying an average of $1.45 per litre, which is almost 12 per cent more than the same time last year.

Th ACCC report released on Tuesday said that a jump in international crude oil and refined petrol prices is the cause of the price increase her in Australia.

The report also pointed the finger at a weaker Australian Dollar as well as concerns over oil supplies to blame for the high prices.

Brisbane has currently been identified as having the highest average petrol price with Adelaide currently sitting at the cheapest.

With petrol prices at a four year high, consumers should be looking to get the best deal possible and the best way for motorists to save at the bowser is to use the various fuel price apps and websites available.


If you’re looking to save a bit of cash during your drive, here are a few apps that can help you out:

Fuel Map Australia

This app has an almost perfect rating on the iPhone App store and as it will tell you in the description, it is a “crowd-sourced database containing petrol stations and fuel prices around Australia”.

Basically it shares current fuel prices, as reported by other drivers, for all petrol stations near you, allowing you to find the best price.

But it should be remembered that the prices in the app are just a guide and subject to change. It’s available on iOS and Android.

7-Eleven Fuel


This app may only be applicable to 7-Eleven petrol stations, but what makes it so great is that it allows you to search for petrol prices near you, helps you find the cheapest price, and then allows you to lock in that price for up to seven days.

That means that even if the petrol prices go up before you can get to the bowser, you will get to pay the price that you’ve locked in within that week! If the price happens to dip though, you get to pay the cheaper price. How good is that! This one is also available on iOS and Android.

If you don’t want an app, there are websites you can check:

Most states around Australia have dedicated sites that allow you to check the fuel prices online. Here’s where to look depending on your location.


NSW: Fuel Check



WA: FuelWatch


NT: MyFuel

QLD: Fair Fuel Prices