The shining light for anyone who’s had a massive night out on the lash in Fremantle and just really needs a Whopper and a post-mix Fanta, has been extinguished.

The Hungry Jack’s store on South Terrace, yep the one opposite Metros, is shutting up shop.

What isn’t clear, is why.

What is clear, is that social media has gone into nostalgic overdrive.

Here’s what some are saying:

“F**k me dead that was an iconic hjs I loved that one and it’s sticky as floors where else am I gonna get a soft serve after a sweltering day at Freo arts fest now”


“35 years ago it was the site for Marshall’s Burgers. A parking lot with a couple of old Jarrah tables and a Caravan making the best burgers ever. There were 2 places to be in those days. South Beach or Marshall’s”

“I remember seeing the biggest dildo ever on the dunny floor in there once”

“this brings back so many memories. Drunk nights finishing off with a bacon deluxe burger. Ahhh those were the days”

“Only HJs I’ve ever eaten came from there”

“The stumbled walk from Zanzibar to get a feed oh the memories”

“Used to love working here free food dumb drunk people so much fun”


“the drama that’s unfolded there. The wee stops, the tears, the fights, the drunken 3am food”

Vale HJs Freo indeed.


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