One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has broken down in an emotionally-charged television interview, following the resignation of one her right-hand men over an alcohol-fuelled strip club romp.

Steve Dickson tendered his resignation after video footage of him at a Washington DC strip club was aired on Nine’s A Current Affair program on Monday night.

He will still appear as One Nation’s second Senate candidate for Queensland, but he was unlikely to secure a seat.

Senator Hanson has told voters they deserve better and Mr Dickson’s language and behaviour had failed to live up to her expectations and those of voters.

“I am both shocked and disappointed at the vision I forced myself to watch,” she told reporters on Tuesday.

In a further interview with Tracy Grimshaw on Tuesday night, Senator Hanson said she had been let down “dreadfully” by men over her 20-year career – including former party members Fraser Anning and Brian Burston – but not by Mr Dickson or Steve Ashby.


“It has been tough and I am sick and tired of seeing people jump on my coat tails because they can see a future in politics but do not have the work ethic,” she told ACA.

Senator Hanson said there had been bad behaviour by politicians with other parties, but she would not quit politics despite people always trying to tear her down.

“I have copped it more than once. I keep getting up and have another go. Until the people do not want to vote for me.”

The footage was part of undercover video not used in Al Jazeera’s documentary which showed Mr Dickson and Mr Ashby talking to someone they thought was with the US gun lobby group, the NRA that caused outrage earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed the party’s candidate for the NSW seat of Leichhardt, Ross Macdonald, has reportedly been caught out posting lewd comments and pictures on his Facebook.

Among the posts is a description of a woman’s bosom as “yummy”, The Daily Telegraph reports.



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