The incomparable Miguel Maestre has another moniker to add to his name, being crowned the winner of the sixth season of ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’! 

The ‘Crazy Bull’ reflected on his South African jungle experience on Monday morning.

“You are so oblivious to the reality of what’s happening outside,” Miguel said.

“It’s such a crazy experiment.”

As you would expect, the most difficult part of the whole experience for Miguel was the food.

“The eating was the hardest. Rice and beans for 31 days… going to the toilet has never been so difficult!”

As an outsider, we often question the amount of weight each contestant loses after eating so little food, and Miguel was no exception.


“I lost 10 kilos! I’m 99 kilos and I haven’t been that since I was 18. Sascha [Miguel’s wife] asked me, ‘What happened to my husband? Where’s the rest of him?'”


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