Jimmy Barnes’ new book Killing Time – a story-per-chapter collection of Barnsey’s own yarns over the years – was described on Botica’s Bunch as like “eating hot chips”.

“I was like ‘just one more, just one more’,” Lisa Shaw laughed. “Nek minnit, I was well through you know to the other side of the photo spread in the middle of the book, on my first sitting!”

The book just sails, baby.

One of the stories that stuck out was one about Barnesy’s own ‘Lost in Translation’ moment in the Japanese snowfields.

“We’d found this restaurant on an Anthony Bourdain TV show,” he recalled.

After they had eaten, he was presented with the bill.

“I wasn’t confident with my maths converting the dollar… Japan can be expensive but maybe not that expensive,” he said.


“[The bill] said 748,000 yen and I thought ‘well, maybe that’s reasonable here’ and I went back and… it was $AU10,000.

“We hadn’t eaten that much,” he deadpanned. “I was in shock.”

He then explained what had actually happened for the bill to be so prohibitively expensive…