A mine worker who was attacked by dingoes at a minesite in the Pilbara said that she feared for her life.

Debbie Rundle, 54, was on a lunchbreak in a designated safe area at Telfer Mine on Wednesday when she was approached by a dingo.

She told 7 News that she had been eating a sandwich when the dingo started to jump onto the table before it “raced off” with her phone in its mouth.

Ms Rundle said it was after she followed the dingo to try and get her phone back, two other dingoes appeared… and began to maul her.

“They were just starting to bite into me, I was still backing out, they really latched on,” she told 7 News Perth.

“They were munching and I was screaming for help.

“I just didn’t expect it, they’re just not like that around the camp normally. The smaller dingo had my mobile phone and the paper towel and he just raced off with it.


“I looked down and I thought, oh my, am I gonna die? Are they gonna get me down?”

Ms Rundle said she was lucky her co-workers had been around.

“Very lucky yeah, it’s amazing so grateful that they came to my rescue, yeah.

“There was blood everywhere on the ground and I just looked at my wounds and… Oh my God.”


Ms Rundle has since had two operations, but she’ll also need plastic surgery.

The attack has prompted calls for dingoes to be culled near minesites.

7 News Perth