There’s not much left to know about Iva Davies… or so we thought.

On Thursday, Botica’s Bunch took the Icehouse frontman back to 1983, when the band supported none other than David Bowie on his Serious Moonlight Tour.

“It was HUGE,” Davies remarked. “Without a doubt it was the peak of his career and it was amazing the way it happened.”

Icehouse in 1983.

At the time, Icehouse’s ‘Hey Little Girl’ was a hit in Europe.

“He heard it and approached our management and said he’d like to tour with us.”

Next thing Icehouse knew, they were playing packed-out venues of 40-70,000 people at every show, Davies admitting that sometimes the crowd was so big he couldn’t see where the crowd finished.


“It was quite amazing!”

What was also amazing… was the fashion.

“Circa 1983 was also when you and Bowie were two of the best-dressed men in music,” Lisa recalled.

“Did you ever swap suit ideas before the show?”

Bowie’s various suits during his Serious Moonlight Tour in 1983.

That’s when our jaws hit the floor.


“Why thank you for that, we actually shared a very exclusive tailor, in fact,” Davies said.

“Anthony Price made suits for us, he made suits for David Bowie, Robert Palmer, Duran Duran, Brian Ferry… they were hideously expensive too, I can tell you that.”

Icehouse in 1986.

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Icehouse are headlining By The C at City Beach on Saturday, November 7.


Also on the bill is Pete Murray, You Am I, Tex Perkins and Killing Heidi.