If you’ve ever set foot inside a cafe, you will 100% relate to these scenarios!

Whether you’ve worked as a barista, or just been a regular customer at a café, then you’ll understand that the barista-customer relationship can be a very unique one.

Not unlike a hairdresser, a barista doesn’t really have a choice but to listen to people’s problems. But more than a hairdresser, they can also become entrenched in the day to day lives of their customers. They listen, support, advise, entertain, and are even expected to cheer up their customers on occasion. Because after all, it’s their job to keep them coming back each day.

Oh yeh, and they have to make their coffee as well, no matter how ridiculously specific the order is. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if baristas were allowed to speak their mind? And give their customers the hard, brutal and honest truth?

Well, WATCH the video and you’ll have a fair idea of what it might look like!

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