Passengers looking to get out of paying a bus fare by using $100 and $50 notes can now be refused a ride under new laws.  

The Public Transport Authority says that, in come cases, riders who board a bus with a $50 or $100 note are given a free ride because the driver does not have enough change.

While some circumstances are genuine, some passengers continually use large denomination notes as a tactic to score free rides.

“It has been Transperth policy for more than a decade that drivers do not accept $50 or $100 notes because of difficulties managing change, and safety implications for drivers needing to manage larger sums of cash,” PTA spokesman David Hynes told The West Australian.

“SmartRider, which is now used by 90 per cent of passengers at peak hour, also means the use of cash on board services is extremely limited. The policy has been signposted on buses for years, but this change now formalises the ability of drivers to refuse travel to people who repeatedly tender large notes in an attempt to gain free travel.

“The regulation change means bus drivers can now refuse travel.”

The West Australian

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