Bizarre footage has emerged of what could possibly be a haunted… potato masher.

Jennifer Bauer, 43, captured the antique masher – passed down to her by her grandmother – seemingly moving on its own.

She also believes its proof of the paranormal goings-on since moving into her 1920s home in Michigan, five years ago.

Ms Bauer was taking pictures of items she wanted to sell when she started to hear an odd whispering in the room.

Nek minnit, the masher, which she was planning to flog online, began moving erratically and without explanation.

“I grabbed my camera and started filming but didn’t watch my video back until a few days later,” she said.

“When I did, I could hear an odd whispering in the background. I can’t explain it at all.”


Bauer, who lives in the property with her 42-year-old boyfriend Chris, says it’s not the first time they’ve had paranormal stuff go on at the property.

When they first moved in, they would often hear banging upstairs that sounded like someone walking around while they were both downstairs watching TV.

She also claims to have also heard other whispering, indecipherable voices, both male and female, inside and outside the property.

Ms Bauer has decided to hold off on selling the masher for now.






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