Is there anything sexier than Bebe Rexha twerking as a T-Rexha?

The ever-gorgeous, and ever-lovely, Bebe Rexha joined the Will & Woody show for a candid chat about much more than her music. She spoke openly with the boys about her ongoing struggles with anxiety, saying “it can paralyse you in a sense” and “sometimes you have really crappy months where you get stuck”, before going on to detail the difficulties of constantly being on the road.

But, it wasn’t all serious, as the boys like to have fun with all the guests on their show. And the highlight of the day came when they mentioned a photo that Bebe had posted on her Instagram, a drawing of her as “Bebe T-Rexha” (see below). They then surprised her with her very own T-Rexha suit, and boy did she love it! WATCH the video to see her twerking as a T-Rexha, and listen to her chat with the boys. 

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