Over the years of Isla Fisher’s stellar career, we’ve seen her develop from her young days on Australian Soap Home And Away as Summer Bay High school girl Shannen Reed into a fully fledged Hollywood actress.

Since her days in Oz, we’ve seen Isla take on a bunch of intriguing and challenging roles throughout some major films such as the dare-devil magician in Now You See Me, the girl who could shop and never drop in Confessions of a Shopaholic, and what was probably her most memorable role, the clingy girlfriend in Wedding Crashers.

Wedding Crashers was one of those iconic films that you could watch over and over again while never getting bored, and a lot of this was thanks to the hilarious moments that came from Isla’s excitable, little pocket rocket character Gloria Cleary as she all but suffocated Vince Vaughn’s character with her love.


And now it seems that Isla would be willing to go back to her overly attached GF role! In the same fashion as other iconic films like ‘White Chicks’ or ‘Mean Girls’, fans would kill for a sequel, and according to Isla, this could be an actual possibility for Wedding Crashers!

When 96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Isla, Kyle expressed that he was such a big fan of the original and naturally wondered if a second instalment could be on the cards.


“Is there any chance of a Wedding Crashers sequel?” asked Kyle eagerly. “I loved that film. I still love it to this day!”

“Yeah I would totally do it again,” revealed Isla. “I had such a great time and I loved everyone involved in that and of course it would be a complete riot…I don’t know how it would work but um, yeah I’d be up for it.”

Well Isla might not know how it would work, but Kyle certainly does! He’s so keen for this movie to go ahead that he’d be willing to organise it himself.

“Well, we’ll call up Vince and Owen, we’ll get that sh*t happening,” said Kyle.

And we all know that what Kyle wants, Kyle gets, so we have no doubt that a Wedding Crashers 2 could be a real possibility! Come on Vince and Owen! Let’s make this happen! Because just quietly…we all know it would be seriously amazing!


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