IT: Chapter Two is well in the works (yeah, we didn’t realise either) and one of it’s stars, Jessica Chastain, has dropped a pretty creepy spoiler.

While the deets of the movie are super tight, what we do know is that it’ll be set 27 years after the first movie, which means it’ll be focussed on a now-adult cast.

One of those characters is Chastain, who appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and let a macabre detail slip: apparently It: Chapter Two has the bloodiest scene in any horror movie.

If true, it’ll a game changer for trivia buffs.

While there’s no official record, the bloodiest scene belonged to the elevator scene in The Shining.

Director Stanley Kubrick reportedly used 200 to 300 gallons (which is up to 1130 litres) of fake blood to complete the iconic scene, which shows a fricken deluge of blood flooding out into the hallway of the Overlook Hotel.



So if this It: Chapter Two scene Chastain is referring to is even bloodier than that, then it must be truly grisly AF.

Can’t wait.