Age is catching up to Aussie comedy legend Glenn Robbins… and it took a piece of cheese for him to realise it.

On Monday, Robbins caught up with Botica’s Bunch to chat about tonight’s ep of Have You Been Paying Attention, buuuut the discussion soon derailed into a recent trip to Bunnings.

“We were walking through the carpark and [my partner] says to me ‘oh, you’ve got a leaf on your head,’ which is bad enough,” Robbins said.

“Then she reaches up, it’s not a leaf – it’s a piece of cheese.”

Robbins continued.

“Only old people do stuff like that,” he deadpanned.

“Only old people have a sandwich before they go out, in case they get a little bit hungry, a little sandwich with a little bit of cheese on it,


“…and, somehow, they get a bit of cheese that goes from the mouth to the top of the head and then look in the mirror and they don’t notice the cheese and they’re walking through the carpark at Bunnings…”

Anyway, I’m just a sad old man… but you gotta laugh.

He also noticed something ‘old man’ about his new jeans.

“I got a new pair of Levi’s, I’m cuttin’ it, they’re slim fit, I’m doin’ OK,” he said.

“But I’ve worked out that when I walk down the street with both hands in the pockets, the fly comes undone… now, an old man walking down the street with both his hands in his pockets and his fly undone… these days you can be arrested.”

He then lamented the days of the button-fly jeans, that in certain ~situations~ you could undo the top button and the rest would follow pretty easily.


But to do them back up again quickly, especially when the parents got back home, you could never do it.

“Especially the very bottom button, it was very hard to get started, you had to be quite dextrous.”

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