Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight saw things go from a fairytale to basically a horror story for Hayley and David.

While they got along like a house on fire on their wedding day, the honeymoon proved quite different as they basically just wouldn’t stop fighting!

And there appears to be two sources of the fighting – the fact that Hayley said David didn’t earn enough money as a truck driver and the fact that David thinks Hayley smokes too much.


In case you missed it, the fighting began when Hayley left David seriously offended after saying that his wage of $25 per hour wasn’t enough money. In the end, David was so angry that he chose to go to a different hotel room.


96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Hayley, who told us that her words had been taken completely out of context and she only meant it as a joke.

She also told us that she thinks David was looking for an excuse to blow up their relationship after finding out about her past drug addiction.

“His money and his living situation was always a massive thing to himself and his family as an insecurity,” Haley told us.

“And we were in the pool at night time and he goes, ‘Now babe you don’t care that I only earn $25’ and I’m like, ‘This is weird as ‘F’. Why the hell are you mentioning your wage?’”


And so Haley tried to lighten the mood by joking, “well that’s not going to cut it then is it?”

“So it was a joke?” Jackie asked.

“Of course! Making it trivial! I’ve been raised never to discuss someone’s wage or anything like that.”

Hayley told us that in David’s mind, he thought that she was just belittling him out of nowhere for his job. But she says this was not the case and she would never judge someone like that.

“The fact that the guy even works, I will applaud anyone that wakes up everyday to do a job,” she told us.

“If you can put a smile on my dial, you make me happy and you’ve got good energy, we’ve got good banter, that’s all I give a stuff about.”


This doesn’t make us have high hopes for Hayley and David’s relationship and Hayley confirmed that things don’t really get better for the pair.

“It gets lower,” Hayley said about their relationship. “It goes up and down like a yo-yo.”

Hear more from our chat with Hayley in the podcast below!

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