It was an international hit for Icehouse, charting in Switzerland, Germany, UK, Sweden, Netherlands and, of course, at home in Australia.

But someone else had heard ‘Hey Little Girl’ on the radio shortly after its release in 1982… David Bowie. And he too liked what he heard.

Next thing the fledgling Aussie band knew, they were supporting Bowie on his 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour, playing to crowds of 70,000 every show.

“It was when David Bowie was right at the top of his popularity,” Davies recalled to Clairsy & Lisa.

“He just couldn’t go anywhere but it was actually quite a privilege to actually spend time with him because so many people were demanding his time at that time, it was ridiculous.”

Among the chaotic tour, Bowie said something to Davies that he’s never forgotten.

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