We feel sick. Like physically ill. Oh Jason Derullloooooo. (You gotta sing his name even when you feel ill)

It seems like Jason Derulo has ripped out his two front teeth in a TikTok challenge video gone wrong and omg just try watching this without cringing (or fainting)!

Basically there’s this challenge going around on the social media platform that sees people trying a hack for eating corn on the cob.

You put the corn onto a drill and basically get it spinning before sticking out your teeth and the little pieces of corn are supposed to come off and fall into your mouth.

Of course, you’d think common sense would tell you that this probably isn’t a good idea and don’t try this at home because to us a corn on the cob seems too heavy not to cause some damage when it’s moving really fast on a drill.

But anyway, Derulo decided to give it a go and it seems that the worst has happened. Just as the corn starts moving, his two front teeth literally pop out.

The video is frightening and the audio alone is enough to send a shiver down our spine. But if you think you can handle it, you can watch it below. He captioned it “don’t try this” with crying emojis.



@jasonderuloDon’t try this 😭😭😭♬ original sound – jasonderulo

Now, we obviously have a few doubts that this video is 100% legit and it’s possible that this is some sort of prank video from Derulo.

For starters, if the video failed that bad, why would you post it? Like yes, of course the video is going to blow up so maybe if you’re s nobody you’d post it to get famous, but Jason Derulo certainly doesn’t need a viral video to get his likes up.

Also, Jason has since posted photos on Instagram and another TikTok video and his front teeth are definitely present. Although they could have been taken before the incident.

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Thanks for 20 Million on TikTok

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So yeah, basically we don’t know for certain that it’s true. But if it is a prank, good job Derulo because we have no idea how he did it and it looks VERY legit.

We hope for his sake though that it’s fake!

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