Jason Donovan has proved he’s a good neighbour by tackling a fire at a house across the road from his home in Ramsey Street London.

Even more of a good neighbour, the Aussie actor did it all in his undies.

The 51-year-old reportedly leapt into action after noticing flames coming from his neighbour’s place in the wee hours of Sunday, September 22.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they noticed Scott Jason half-naked with a fire extinguisher.

“The fire was located in the side passage next to a house and when we arrived a gentleman was tackling the fire using a fire extinguisher,” Watch manager Thomas Wolfe told Metro UK.

“We took over from him and quickly dealt with the blaze,

“It soon transpired that it was Jason Donovan who noticed the fire from his property over the road.”


The fire brigade tweeted shortly after the incident:

As did Donovan:


It’s believed the fire was started due to an electrical cabling fault.

Donovan played Scott Robinson in the hugely popular Aussie soap from 1986 to 1989 (yeah, we thought it was longer too).

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