Jennifer Aniston has gone full Southern Beauty Pageant Queen in her new Netflix series and it’s, interesting, to say the least. 

Dumplin’ is based around Aniston’s character and her relationship with her daughter ‘Dumplin’ Willowdean Dickson. 

Aniston, who plays Rosie Dickson, is beauty queen royalty in a small town and her daughter could not be further from the stereotype – a little chubby, less polished and feeling ignored by her mother. 

But in protest to get her mother’s attention and make a statement Willowdean joins a beauty pageant and inspires a wave of other young women who don’t fit the cookie cutter mould to do the same. 

The show is rounded out by cute southern boys, lots of sequins and a few helpful drag queens – can you spot the RuPaul alum? 

The show is set to be released on Netflix in the first week of December, so get ready for some good ole southern charm! 

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