Jimmy Barnes has revealed to Andrew Denton the final words he said to fellow star Michael Hutchence before he took his own life in 1997.

The Scottish-Australian star told Denton on Interview that he had arranged to meet up with the INXS frontman just days before his death.

He looked really bad and I knew he’d been having a hard time and it was one of those things where I rang him and said “Should we get together?”‘ Jimmy said.

‘He was busy and I was busy and we said “we’ll get together next week” – and he didn’t make it through the week.’

Jimmy said that if knew what was about to happen, he would have walked to the hotel where Michael was staying.

‘I was literally living three kilometres from the hotel where he died and I could have gone there if I wasn’t recovering from my own s**t,’ the 63-year-old said.

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