Even though it’s been 40 years, the chemistry between Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta is still ‘electrifying’! 

The former co-stars reunited at the 40th anniversary screening of Grease at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills, and they’re still ‘hopelessly devoted’ to each other (… okay, we’ll stop). 

After busting out a few famous dance moves on the red carpet, they spoke at the event alongside fellow past cast members Didi Conn, 67 (Frenchie) and Barry Pearl, 68 (Doody) and director Randal Kleiser, 72.

During the event – hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – Travolta said Newton-John was his favourite thing about doing Grease

“If you were a young man in the ’70s, and I’m sure many of you were, out there, if you remember that album cover of Olivia with that blue shirt on, with those big blue eyes staring right at you, every boy’s, every man’s dream was, ‘Oh, I’d love for that girl to be my girlfriend,” Travolta told the audience.


“So when I had the privilege to have input on the casting, I said, ‘There is no other person in the universe other than Olivia Newton-John to play Sandy. You must cast her.’ So I held tight, didn’t I, and I got my way.”

Grease is definitely still the word! 

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