A decade ago, Johnny Ruffo won hearts across the country with his upbeat personality, good looks and the way he commanded the X Factor Australia stage.

In 2017, however, Johnny announced that life had dealt a cruel blow. He was battling brain cancer.

“They told me I have brain cancer and it was like, wow, my whole world just got flipped upside down,” Johnny told 7NEWS’ Spotlight.

After aggressive chemotherapy treatment, he went into remission in 2019, which he calls the “greatest day of my life”.

Then, in November 2020, Johnny revealed the heartbreaking news that the cancer had returned.


“After an unexpected week of seizures and excruciating headaches, it is with a heavy heart that I have to let you know I now have another huge battle ahead of me as my brain cancer has returned,” he wrote on Instagram.

Ruffo said he was told his current treatment was working to keep the illness at bay. In other words, his cancer had not spread.

“The spine’s all clear. And the tumour in the right frontal lobe and the brain stem, all stable.”

While Ruffo isn’t out of the woods, he is “so happy” with the update.


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