Remember a few months when the news of a singer from an 80s hair band rocking up in a kindergarten’s class would have been considered weird?

Well, good news, it’s not weird anymore.

Jon Bon Jovi has been doing all sorts of heartwarming things since coronavirus lockdowns started affecting the US.

A few weeks ago he was snapped helping out in the kitchen, washing dishes to help feed the hungry.

Now, he’s turned up in the virtual classroom of a Florida kindergarten to teach kids about songwriting and perform some of the songs penned by the kids.

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The students at Florida’s Marshe Pointe Elementary were assigned a task to write a song about everything that’s happening in their lives right now.

Bon Jovi went on to turn the students’ lyrics into songs, performing them on his acoustic guitar.

And some of them are proper bangers, like this tune from Elise:

“I have been doing school crafts, and scooter riding, during this old quarantine | I also learned to ride a bike, with no training wheels, if you know what I mean, then you know how that feels.”

We know how it feels Elise, we know.

Although AJ’s song, which we’re calling “Mr B is so cool,”about their teacher Michael Bonick could be a little too fawning for our tastes!


At one point the class teacher asked the students to give a thumbs up if they could “hear Mr Bon Jovi,” and seriously, what is the world we’re living in right now?

We do have to ask the question though, did any of the kids actually know who Mr Bon Jovi is, or was this whole exercise entirely for the benefit of the parents?

Watch the surprise appearance from the singer here:

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