He’s been the love island contestant that’s probably been the most unlucky in love in the house up to this point, but according to new reports he’s the one man prepared to go the distance with a proper commitment!

Josh Moss has revealed in an interview with NW that he actually bought an engagement ring at the airport while on his way to the villa in Spain and was prepared to get down on one knee if he met the right woman.

“I’ll definitely propose,” said the 25-year-old sports administrator. “I want to find my wife and I want to settle down and have 11 kids! Well, maybe that’s too many, let’s go with nine. I’d be about that.”

Unfortunately, while some strong couples have managed to form in the high-pressure environment, things didn’t pan out that way for this loveable contestant after the bachelor has already been coupled up with four different gals on the show and is slowly moving on with his fifth.

Josh was partnered with Tayla on the first episode of the show before being recoupled with new girl Kim. The cheeky guy was then chosen by Natasha, whom he formed a loving friendship with but nothing more.


Things were looking up for Josh when Cassidy revealed that she had feelings for him and the pair chose to couple up together. A romance was just beginning to blossom when all of a sudden Cass decided she didn’t want to be with him anymore and palmed him off for new boy Dom.

NW are claiming that Josh had high hopes for his relationship with Cassidy and was actually considering proposing to her with the pre-purchased ring.

“Josh had every intention of going all the way with Cass and was even planning to get down on one knee and ask the Victorian model/bartender to spend the rest of her life with him,” the publication claimed.

Of course we all know what a terrible mess this turned into. And now, The only hope for Josh finding love in Spain at this point in time is with Mac, Francoise or if a new girl walks in and blows him away in the next few episodes!


Either way we seriously hope that Josh does find the woman of his dreams! Just quietly, he’s by far our favourite boy in the house at this point in time…That robot striptease had us in stitches!

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