It seems we won’t be seeing Jules and Cameron in this weekend’s MAFS reunion episodes.

The couple met on the show in 2019, got married for reals and now have a baby.

According to Woman’s Day magazine, the couple refused to attend the two-part reunion despite being offered up to $60, 000 for their time.

Apparently, they felt they needed more money if they were going to participate with their new bub Oliver, especially since he was only nine weeks old at the time.

According to the mag, other cast members were told the couple would be attending, with one saying: “A few of us brought gifts for Oliver and flowers for Jules because producers insisted they’d be in attendance with ‘The MAFS baby’ but they just skipped it.”

Jules has openly said she refused to film because production was too long and she needed to be with her baby, so perhaps it was never about the money and just about being a new mother.




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