Today Show host Karl Stefanovic has revealed the attention he received after separating from his wife Cassandra Thorburn in 2016 had him considering quitting the show for good.

Speaking with TV Tonight, the 43-year-old said he has been a ‘broken man’ for the past two years and considered leaving TV.

Karl fumed, ‘It’s complete bulls**t. Why am I of interest? I’m the world’s most boring f**king man,’

Karl’s marriage breakdown, and his new relationship with 33 year old Jasmine Yarbrough and the ‘Ubergate’ scandal have resulted in a ton of negative press recently.

He claimed he couldn’t comprehend the sudden interest in his personal life, saying he prefers going to the shops wearing his UGG boots and watching TV on the couch.


Karl said the stress ‘100 per cent’ made him consider quitting.

‘I’ve been broken in the last two years, but you still have to come to work and do a breakfast show,’

‘I know there has been interest in my private life and I guess that comes with the territory… But it’s only going to get more intense for people and you have to decide if you want to stick it out in the job.’

Karl recently told Stellar magazine: ‘I’ve never tried to be anything other than myself and I have to hope that the audience, and particularly females if that is true, that one day they’re OK and they come back and say, “I’m giving him another go.”‘


‘I’m in love and I’m sorry if that causes anyone hurt. But I won’t be apologising to my nearest and dearest because I don’t need to,’ he said.

Karl began dating Jasmine several months after the breakdown of his 21 year marriage to Cassandra in 2016.

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