Karl Stefanovic has been labelled a “hypocrite” after his scathing 60 Minutes report on Meghan Markle, despite previously condemning the media for invading his own private life.

“The couple appear to want a little privacy. Too much to ask? You bet. The public feel cheated, the tabloids have turned and the blame game – much of it directed at Meghan – is fierce,” Stefanovic said before introducing controversial British commentator Katie Hopkins.

Critics have labelled the former Today Show host as a “hypocrite” for scrutinising Markle despite pleading for his own privacy for two years.

“I can’t stand Meghan Markle, but @karlstefanovic ‘s smug @60Mins takedown is incredibly vile,” one person tweeted.

Another added, “@karlstefanovic and @60mins trying to vilify Meghan as the press did to Dianna [sic]. Using scum like #KatieHopkins to do their dirty work.”


In the past, Stefanovic has taken aim at the media for reporting on his own personal life.

In December, he was caught on camera berating a photographer at Gold Coast Airport who tried to take his picture, The Daily Telegraph reported.


“Take your f**king camera and get out that f**king door, it’s f**king Christmas,” he yelled.

“Why are you shaking? Have you got some disease? Are you sick in the head? You got a s**t job. It’s Christmas day. Go home!”


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