Keanu Reeves famously saves the lives of passengers on a bus in the hit 1994 film Speed, and while he didn’t rescue anyone when the United Airlines flight he was on had to make an emergency landing, the actor was still a hero in a different way.

Keanu was flying from San Francisco to Burbank when his plane had to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, California due to a “mechanical indication.” While, according to rep for the airline, the flight landed “safely without incident,” it still left all the passengers stranded two hours from their destination. That’s when Keanu took charge. The 54-year-old actor helped airline officials come up with a solution that would get everyone the last 100 miles to Burbank the quickest way possible. The entire interaction was captured on another passenger’s Instagram story and has since been shared socially.

The story, which comes from cartoonist Brian Rea, starts with him boarding the flight in San Francisco. Already Brian was impressed by the Matrix star, calling him “very pleasant” and noting how Keanu took pictures with fans and discussed his work.

Then, the plane makes its emergency landing and Keanu lays out options for other passengers saying, “The people that unload the bags won’t be here for three hours. The vans will be here in an hour so if you want to hit the road and deal with your bags later or deal with customer service and get it delivered maybe.”

Keanu opted for the bus and Brian got to ride alongside him, recording as Keanu read off interesting facts about Bakersfield, explained what he had to eat and drink, said goodbye to other passengers, and then went to Carl’s Jr. for food.

Even after his harrowing day, Keanu still took the time to take more photos with fans:


Keanu Reeves had his own excellent adventure on the big screen and this week, he was able to turn a bad situation into one for his fellow passengers.

Article: Dave Basner

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