Kerri-Anne Kennerley has sought an apology from the aboriginal community after her comments about the Aboriginal community that were labeled as racist. 

KAK had a fiery encounter with Studio 10 panelist Yumi Stynes after she blew up at critics of Australia Day. 

The TV vet visited the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group in the Northern Territory and met with co-ordinator Shirleen Campbell.

“We’re here to teach you, and you’re here to teach us,” said Ms Campbell who is spearheading the efforts fighting domestic violence.

She said she was “upset and angry” at Kennerley’s controversial comments.

“Do you forgive me, by the way?” said Kennerley.

“Yeah, I do. We’re all women and humans at the end of the day,” said Ms Campbell.

Kennerley said she had “learned a lot; and I hope that (the Women’s Family Safety Group) continue at greater speed.”

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