Handing out birthday party invitations at school could become a thing of the past, after an Aussie school chose to ban the practice.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that parents at Mosman Public School are now required to send party invites to their children’s classmates via email only.

It is to avoid anyone who is not invited from getting upset or offended when the paper invites are distributed in front of them in the classroom.

The school also asked parents to discourage their children from discussing any upcoming parties while at school.

It’s understood the school implemented the new ban after a child became upset when they weren’t invited to a classmate’s party. 

“It’s going too far, we have to build resilient kids,” one parent told The Daily Telegraph.

“You can’t give birthday invitations by paper (at the school), only by email and you must tell your children not to talk about the party.”


Reactions to the news have been varied with Sunrise host Sam Armytage sympathising with the children who aren’t invited to the party.

“My little brother wasn’t invited to a birthday party once and there was two kids in the town of 200 that weren’t invited and it’s horrible for little kids not to be invited,” she said.

Tim Webster replied: “Quick answer Sam, life’s tough. And they’re going to find out eventually that it is tough and they cant be protected for everything because it isn’t fair in the end.”

Sam thought it was appropriate to protect kids from these sorts of hardships while they are young or “up to a certain age”.


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