All eyes and ears were on Singapore on Tuesday as Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump hold their long-awaited meeting in the neutral zone to discuss and sort out their differences.

96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Channel 7 reporter Mike Amor, who described the summit as “a colourful visit so far”.

And this was not just simply because of Trump’s fake tan.

Mike Amor was actually referring to the North Korean leader’s travelling habits and the fact that he has brought some strange things in his luggage. Including…his own portaloo.

“He reportedly has brought his own portable dunny and it’s mounted in a car,” explained Mike.

Of course you’d wonder why someone would bother doing such a thing unless they were suffering from some sort of irritable bowel syndrome and needed easy access to a toilet at all times…But apparently this isn’t the case with Kim Jong-Un.

According to Mike Amor, the North Korean leader was actually terrified that if he left anything behind in Singapore, and yep that’s including his faeces, that someone would collect it, study it and find out secrets about him!


“He’s frightened whatever he leaves behind may be examined by his mortal enemies and that may tell them about his health,” continued Mike. “I never thought I’d be talking about this, but you know a lot of people go to Singapore and take home some electronics, he’s going to take home his own poop.”

What a souvenir…

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