Last night we saw Jessika Power and Daniel Webb share a sneaky kiss during a private moment at the Married At First Sight dinner party.

And really, it was only a matter of time before this flirting turned into something physical.

But it did leave one question on all of our minds… Would this mean that Jess and Dan will ACTUALLY wife swap and get together on the show?

Up until this point, every affair seen on Married At First Sight (i.e Sam and Ines, Dean and Davina) has seen the relationship fizzle out before the pair could become an actual couple in the experiment.

But it turns out that this might just be a different situation for Jess and Dan!


96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Jessika, who hinted at the fact that she and Dan would become part of the experiment together and even detailed how this would happen.

First, Jess admitted that her and Dan are still a couple today after filming has finished.

“And you’re still together with him, we’ve seen pictures of you just the other day on the beach hanging out,” Jackie said.

“Yes,” replied Jess.

“Are you allowed to, on this show, actually partner swap and go, ‘I don’t want my current partner and we want each other can we marry each other’. Is that allowed?” Jackie continued to ask.

Jessika couldn’t really confirm or deny if this happens for her but she definitely hinted that it does, urging viewers to keep watching.


“That is allowed,” she said. “I’m not going to say whether or not that happens but please keep watching.”

“What I think happens,” Jess continued slyly with a giggle, “is you have to basically present a case to the experts as to why you think that you deserve to stay in this experiment.

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“Partner swapping or re-entering an experiment together would shake Married At First Sight’s history. That’s not going to make it Married At First Sight anymore is it.

“But then there’s things like final vows at the end of the season and things like that, that I guess would be done with a partner if you decided to swap in the experiment,” she concluded.


Now we don’t know about you, but it sounds to us like she’s speaking from experience here… So we have pretty much no doubt in our mind that this whole wife swap will play out on screen in the episodes to come!

Bring on the drama!

Hear Jessika’s full interview with Kyle and Jackie O about her experience with Married At First Sight here.

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