Last night’s reunion episode of MAFS was certainly something!

As a viewer, the absolute highlight of the episode, simply because of how much it made our jaws drop,  has got to be Martha pouring her glass of red wine over Cyrell.

But for Martha, it’s the moment she regrets the most from her time on the show.

Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O on Monday, the make-up artist revealed that following the episode, she’s been receiving death threats.

In fact, she said it’s gotten so bad that she’s actually terrified to leave her house.


“Last night was a new level, the amount of death threats I received,” Martha said.

“I said to Michael, ‘I’m actually scared now – they know the local shops that I’m at’.”

Martha said that she’s taken the threats really seriously because people know where she lives and places she visits.

“Some of these messages were really scary. They know the places that I go to,” she continued.

“I try not to make eye contact with anyone because you don’t know how they’ll react.

“It’s just a show but people are so emotionally invested.”


Martha also revealed that Michael has also been receiving some scary messages.

‘He’s been coping it too after Cyrell was going on that he had no balls.’

But they’re certainly not the only ones after this controversial season! Dan and Jess also revealed the terrifying messages they’ve received following their cheating scandal. 

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