Last week the topic of sex education came up and Kyle revealed that he’d never read the book “Where Did I Come From?”. On Monday, Kyle read the first 3 chapters of the book, “Little People Are Made By Bigger People”, “Penis” and “Vagina.”

Kyle decided that the book was a little dated and you wanted to write his own ‘21st century’ version. 

CHAPTER 1: Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Geoffrey.

The man loves the woman. But sometimes the man doesn’t just want to love the one woman. And same with the woman, sometimes she wants to love more than one man.

They can still love someone very much, but every now and then, they might invite someone else to come over and join them in the bath. This is called an ‘open’ relationship.

Once they are all in the bath, they will give each other kisses. After a while they might all get excited and want to play which each other’s body parts in the bath.

It’s a difficult feeling to describe but if you can imagine a gentle tingly sort of tickle that starts in your stomach and spreads all over, that will give you some idea of what it’s like.


And as you know, when you’re feeling tickly, you wriggle about a bit. It’s just the same here, except it’s a special kind of wriggling.
When everyone has been wriggling so hard you think they’re both going to pop, they nearly do just that. All the rubbing up and down that’s been going on, ends in a tremendous big lovely shiver for everyone.  

Illustrations: David Green

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