It’s a classic case of you had one job.

Channel Seven’s Matt Doran has been suspended for a couple of weeks after failing to prepare for his interview with Adele, which the network paid about a million bucks for.

Doran was about 20 minutes into the interview, which he flew to London specifically for, when he had apparently not asked Adele a single question about her new album, 30.

The chat then completely derailed after he reportedly admitted that he hadn’t listened to the album despite the record company supplying him with an advanced preview copy.

Doran is now claiming he simply missed the email and that he wasn’t formally suspended by Seven, despite his recent no-show on Weekend Sunrise.

“He said he had been sent an e-copy of the album, but somehow missed it while flying to London,” Lisa said. “He called it the most important email he’s ever missed.”

Lisa took a breath and continued.


“What a load of… rubbish,” she said before completely going in