Everyone in the world right now has probably seen or at least heard about Netflix documentary Tiger King because it’s absolutely batsh** insane. 

With a story so insane, it was unbelievable that no one had jumped on the story earlier.

But of course the worlds biggest documentary creator, Louis Theroux was all over that 9 YEARS AGO.

In his 2011 BBC documentary ‘America’s Most Dangerous Pets’, Theroux travels around the United States and meets all the crazy people that own exotic animals. 

Watch this insane conversation between the two of them back in the day.

Theroux’s time with Exotic is tragically cut short because of a tornado warning in the area, which just- of course.


Nothing is normal when Joe Exotic is involved.

In the documentary, Joe comes across as far more normal and compassionate as he discusses his rescues and how he cares for animals that others cannot. 

Louis has posted on Twitter since the Netflix doco aired.

I personally cannot wait to hear his thoughts! 


I wonder if he has any extra tea to spill about his experience.

The BBC documentary is available on Stan if you’re needing your Joe Exotic fix.

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