Former MAFS star Jo McPharlin is barely recognisable after losing an incredible amount of weight since appearing on the reality show back in 2018.

The fashion influencer who nick-named herself “Foxy JoJo” on the show, took to instagram to share her transformation and told the Daily Mail that her weight loss was simply the result of meal-prepping.

“I’m just a flat out mum of two busy kids, working three jobs and now being a lot more organised with my eating,” McPharlin said.

“Instead of zipping through drive-through takeaways after work (each night), I make food that I can freeze to reheat easily when I get home,” she said.

She went on to say that she doesn’t know the exact amount she’s lost because she doesn’t have a set of scales in the house.


“I just know that all my clothes fit so much better now. I’m still totally me, just a bit thinner,” she explained.

McPharlin was one of the most memorable contestants from season five, who could forget when she was rejected by her on-screen husband at the altar after arriving in a horse-drawn carriage in glittery thongs.

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