A Swedish man has narrowly avoided arrest after his bag of marijuana was snatched by a seagull – just as police were approaching him.

The plain-clothes officers were patrolling the Gothenburg Cultural Festival when they spotted a woman openly smoking a joint, The Leaf Desk reported.

As they began to close-in on the woman, they noticed a bloke tossing a bag of weed away.

Sweden has some of the strictest drug laws in the world. Marijuana possession, like we’re talking one joint, can attract a hefty fine and six months jail.

Thing is, just as the cops were heading over to arrest the man, a seagull swooped in and took off with the suss bag.

A spokesman for Gothenburg police said it the bag contained an estimate of 10 grams of cannabis.

However, it was now gone, as was the man, who fled as the officers watched the bird fly away with the evidence.


The woman was arrested for use and possession.


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