Okay just a quick public service announcement here about something people might find a little uncomfortable to talk about…Your poop.

While we might not all feel comfortable doing a number 2 when we’re not in the comfort of our own bathroom at home, turns out that you should never, ever hold it in. And this guy’s , shall we say “shit” experience, is one major example as to why.

Doctors here in Oz have had to surgically remove faecal matter from a man’s bowel after he had become so backed up that he became paralysed in one of his legs and was actually extremely close to having the situation turn fatal.

The 53-year-old man had been experiencing severe abdominal pain for a few days as well as swelling and nausea. He was also experiencing pain in his right leg that had left him unable to move it for at least 24-hours.

It was at this point that he decided to visit the emergency room as he was unsure what exactly was wrong with him. After all he had no history of drug use, and no significant medical history to speak of. But it turns out that he just really needed to do a big poop!

In more medical terms, an examination found that the man had impacted stools and was suffering from massive decal compaction as well as potentially life-threatening abdominal compartment syndrome (which basically means there was too much pressure building up).

The faecal matter had become so large that it was beginning to descend on his large intestine and put pressure on his right iliac artery, causing the pain in his leg and the paralysis.


Doctors knew that they had to do something immediately due to the seriousness of the situation and so they took him into surgery to remove the backlog and relieve the pressure in the man’s abdomen.

“Significant faecal disimpaction was performed manually under general anaesthesia with approximately 2 litres of faeces removed,” said the doctors in the case report.

The man spent four days recovering in intensive care in the hospital and after 13 days he was able to walk again.

It’s unsure what exactly caused the significant build up but doctors have warned that constipation, especially to this scale, can be pretty dangerous!

So next time you have to go people, just go! Maybe this is the reason why Jackie went in an alleyway in Rose Bay? She knew what severe constipation can do to you!

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