The affair between Jessika Power and Daniel Webb on this current season of Married At First Sight is all anyone can talk about at the moment and so of course it became the topic of conversation when Dan joined the panel of Talking Married last night.

Following a fiery dinner party episode that aired yesterday, when Cyrell accused Jessika of wanting to sleep with Dan (let’s all take a moment to praise Queen Cyrell!!), Dan revealed that he came very close to spilling the affair secret.

Dan told Talking Married that when Cyrell came into the room screaming about Jessika’s feelings for Dan he assumed that she knew about the affair and came “very close” to confessing.

“When Cyrell came storming in , I was just like, ‘she’s found out’,” Dan revealed.

“So when I heard her coming through the doors, the heart started bouncing, and I’m like, ‘alright, I gotta face the music here’.”


So far during this secret affair, Jessika and Dan have shared secret texts, phone calls, meetings and even a couple of smooches. Dan said that he came very close to telling the group all about these instances.

“I was nearly just going to say it there and then…I’m like, ‘I better break it to them now I suppose’,” he said.

But did he? NOPE! And as a result, we have to say Dan, we lost that last little smidgen of respect that we had for you.

“I didn’t feel like it was the right time, I was a bit intoxicated as were a few people there, so it might’ve gotten a bit out of hand,” Dan explained.


Despite not coming clean, Dan did say that he felt remorse over the situation and how he had treated his onscreen wife Tamara.

“It’s a tricky situation… I’ve definitely gone about things the wrong way, behind Tam’s back. It’s something that goes against who I am [but] I was following my heart,” he said to the panel.

“Looking back now, I probably didn’t give Tam the respect and attention that she deserves.”

Probably? Really Dan? We think DEFINITELY is the word you’re looking for…

Speaking about keeping the affair a secret from his wife and the rest of the group, Dan revealed that it was one of “the stressfulest [sic] nights ever”.

“I was nervous the whole time doing it, it was just outside the dinner party, so it wasn’t too far,” he said.


“Sometimes we were gone for a little bit and I thought, ‘this is shocking’. I felt like I needed to go back in and say something to the group.”

Hmm well that would’ve been nice Dan but ya didn’t…

We’re hoping this affair comes out at the next commitment ceremony on Sunday night because my gosh we would just LOVE for the experts to be useful for once and reprimand Jess and Dan for their behaviour.

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